Are you finding your puppy or older dog continuously chewing on wood trim or other household items of value? In this complete guide, we will discuss multiple techniques on how to stop a dog from chewing on wood trim.

We will also analyze the dangers that are associated with chewing on wood trim for your dog and why your pooch will do it in the first place. 

Let’s begin…

how to stop a dog from chewing on wood trim

5 Key Reasons Why My Dog Keeps Chewing On Wood Trim

You surely cannot keep your dog from chewing since it’s normal behavior. It can help in building jaw strength and also cleaning the teeth.

If you own a puppy, it could be chewing to relieve the pain caused by incoming teeth. If it’s the case of an older dog, it may be chewing to overcome boredom, reduce anxiety, frustrations, or pent-up energy. 

To understand why you need to be keen and see if the pup is chewing in your presence or does it even when you are not around. This is important as it will give you an idea of whatever your dog is chewing.

A teething, curious, under-stimulated, and energetic dog would make chewing a past time activity. Additionally, a stressed dog that is dealing with anxiety separation would involve itself in destructive chewing when you are not around to relieve itself from anxiety and boredom.

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why a dog may keep gnawing on wood trim in detail.

1. Boredom

If you leave a dog by itself for extended periods, the pup may get bored. When you are not around it will naturally seek out avenues that will divert its attention.

This is especially true if the dog does not get enough exercise. It can result in your dog chewing wood constantly unless your pet gets the company and exercises properly, this negative behavior may continue.

2. Puppy Is Teething

When the puppy is just about to develop teeth, it will be constantly chewing anything it finds in its way around your home. The reason behind this is because it feels uncomfortable and its gums s aches as the teeth prepare to come out. This is one of the major reasons puppies constantly chew on wood.

3. Curiosity

A puppy may be chewing around out of curiosity. It is worth noting that a puppy uses its mouth to get to know different tastes and textures. Therefore it is a natural behavior to find that your puppy is chewing constantly. There are various scents that your dog picks from the wooden structures in a home and the dog is unable to resist on chewing them.

4. Hunger

If your dog is hungry, it may end up chewing wood for that matter. This is especially true if your dog suffers from a low-calorie diet.

It may also be that your pet has some intestinal parasites that are preventing it from properly absorbing nutrients.

This is why you will find your dog chewing on wood and other materials in the attempt of finding an additional source of nutrition.

This will continue until your dog is properly fed. In the case that you feed your dog well and still find it continues with such behaviors, you might think of a solution that will solve its digestive issues.

5. Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is another serious cause of your dog chewing on wood. In this case and simply stated, your dog feels anxious and uneasy when you are not around.

The moment you leave your friend alone, anxiety may creep in it leading to uneasiness and stress. While attempting to get rid of these uncomfortable feelings, your dog will respond to chewing on any wooden material it may have access to in your house.

The furniture you have in your house may likely have a scent and this will make it a more attractive target. You will have to accord your dog company and make it outgrow anxiety while alone.

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What Are The Hazards Of Chewing On Wood Trim

Chewing is something that every dog does naturally and it’s one of the ways your pet explores its surroundings.  This can come with some dangers and you need to know how to stop your pooch from chewing on wood trim.

You should be aware that wood trim chewing could massively affect your dog’s health. Some damages may be reversed but you should know that other cases may lead to life-threatening issues.

Consider the following:

While chewing, the wood trim items may easily splinter and thus result in some dangerous sharp points that may cause injuries in the dog’s mouth.

The sharp pointing end may at times get in your dog’s teeth thus injuring the gums and cause bleeding. Sometimes if the wood trim is hard, it can cause broken teeth as well as injuring again, your dog’s gum line.

Over time, if these shards of wood get stuck between the dog’s teeth, it may lead to serious infections.

It is also worth noting that if the dog swallows pieces of shards, there is a high chance of them being stuck within the dog’s body. This can lead to internal damage or rupture and serious bleeding.

If your dog swallows and ingests wood shards, it could lead to gastrointestinal blockage. The worst situation of them all is that the dog has a high possibility of choking on a piece of wood that gets stuck in its throat.

Unfortunately, this can be a result of surgery or even the death of your pet.

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How Do You Stop A Dog From Chewing On Wood Trim?

One thing for sure is that chewing is a natural behavior for dogs. However, chewing on wood can bring some serious health effects to the dog as described above.

It can also cause a lot of damage to your home like valuable furniture, wood trim, or anything else made of wood. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your dog understands the difference between what is allowed and what is inappropriate.

This whole process should begin at an early age thus keeping in mind, you also should be consistent in your efforts. Below are five methods you can consider how to achieve this.

Watch this video on YouTube.

1. Training

The same way we tutor our kids on what is good to explore and touch is the same way you should teach your puppy what objects are safe to chew and those that are not.

It is worth noting that every time a pup attempts to chew things that are unsafe like furniture, wood trims, and doors, you should immediately stop your pet by using some ideal training methods.

While in the outdoors, be sure that you have properly trained your dog not to pick up pieces of wood. This will gradually help your dog in deviating from the behavior of chewing on wood and furniture.

2. Puppy-Proofing The House

Puppy-proofing is another ideal way of ensuring that your dog is in a safe environment where he/she can continuously explore without doing something unsafe.

By puppy-proofing your house, it will ensure that all the items in the house are friendly to the dog and will not cause any kind of harm to them.

This way the dog can explore things around them in a safe fashion.

3. Crating

One fact everyone should know is that our canine friends possess a denning instinct. It can be used to train the dog to be calm and remain in a safe environment when you are not around and not according to him/her the attention they need.

This can be done by placing your dog in a crate or a kennel. This is a safe environment option where your dog will be relaxed and it also has restricted access to items made of wood.

4. Deterrent Sprays

Another effective way of ensuring your dog stops chewing wood is deterrent sprays. Once you apply this kind of spray on the wood trim, the item will no longer be appealing to your pet.

The spray gives the wood a strong smell which is unpleasant to the dogs. Additionally, the wood gets a very bitter taste which is capable of deterring any dog from even attempting to bite the wood.

This method is very effective in stopping dogs from chewing wood.

5. Diversions

A diversion is another effective method of stopping your dog from chewing wood. There are chew toys that are designed to cater to the dog’s natural desire to naw.

This is usually an effective way of letting your dog explore, play as well as strengthen their teeth and jaw without a possibility of injury or damage of items in the house.

These chew toys have been proven to be very effective and your dog will get used to them and thus, will not be interested in chewing any other items in the house.

Safe Teething Products For Your Puppy

You must be aware that teething is usually a stressful time for your puppy. You will note that your puppy is in constant pain and discomfort.

This is because the erupting teeth normally exert pressure on the gum. The erupting teeth make the pup look for diverse ways in which it can try and make this pain reduce or go away.

To assist your puppy in overcoming this growing stage of its life, there are several products considered safe and suitable. They can be given to your puppy and help relieve this discomfort.

These teething products are usually available in different ways. Here are some great options that you can try:

1. Nylabone Puppy Chew Toys

These toys are usually a textured dog bone which is usually available in a variety of flavors. They are durable, a hundred percent safe comes with a beautiful flavor, and will be of great help to your puppy especially during the teething period.

It is way softer than the way adult bones are and thus gentle to the puppy’s teeth. They also come in different flavors, shapes, and colors that will keep your pup glued in it for quite some time.

2. Kong Puppy Dog Toy

These toys are made of soft rubber which is ideal for your puppy. It helps in relieving the pain the puppy is going through at this stage.

It helps eliminate the discomfort the puppy is under as well as ensuring that the teeth are cleaned and the gums are soothed. The puppy will feel so refreshed on doing this.

This item is designed in a way that it can hold special treats such that food can be stuffed in it to provide mental stimulation and also engage the puppy for several hours.

This item will ensure that your puppy suffers less during its teething period.

3. Mammoth Flossy Chews

These are usually soft knotted rope toys which are tender to your puppy’s gums. The rope fibers usually help in flossing the dog’s teeth.

This is generally a high-quality product because the fiber in these toys is so good that it does not get stuck on the dog’s teeth.

These toys are incredible as you can soak them in water or freeze them during the night so that they can soothe the pup’s gums effectively.

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Final Thoughts

Since chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, we should not try and restrict the dog entirely. What we should do is train our dogs to be aware of what is acceptable for chewing while also limiting them to access items made of wood.

It is also important to understand what exactly is causing the dog’s chewing behavior. On knowing it, you can try and choose an ideal method of managing such a habit.

Furthermore, stopping a dog from chewing wood trim is a process. You will have to carefully train your dog step by step to be able to fully eliminate such behavior.

You need to be consistent and patient, learn what is causing this behavior, and implement the methods discussed above. Stopping your dog from chewing on wood  trim can be easy if you are informed on the proper steps and measures to take.

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