Interested in how to raise two puppies successfully?  As everyone knows, puppies are naturally lovable. When you go to a pet store or a kennel to find the puppy you want to take home, you will probably be tempted to take more than one puppy home with you.

Their gorgeous faces make it hard for you to resist the idea of taking more than one of the puppies’ homes. But, taking two pups requires that you are prepared and overly cautious, as you want to give them the best.

One puppy equals hard work to raise. Two puppies will, however, demand twice the work to become confident, secure, and bonded to you. However, do not fret because with the proper tips you can easily learn how to raise two puppies and fulfill each of their needs.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to raise two puppies successfully that will explore topics including if puppies should sleep alone and some tips on training your new friends.  Let’s dive in…


How To Raise Two Puppies Successfully

Make A Careful Selection

One of the first things to consider when you decide how to raise two puppies successfully is making a careful choice.

Dogs who associate as puppies will not automatically get along when they become mature.

If you plan to raise two puppies successfully, you will need to choose a pair with the best chance of a happy relationship as an adult dog. Most puppies will get along, so you have no idea of how they will do later.

Secondly, if you want the puppies to coexist safely in peace, consider getting puppies of the opposite sex.

In some dog breeds, it is particularly risky to keep two dogs of the same sex together. You should hence do your research when considering raising two pups together.

No matter how much you try to get the dogs to love each other, nature will take its course later.

How To Raise Two Puppies Successfully From Different Litters

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Taking care of two puppies from different progenies can be quite a task. However, it’s not as daunting as tending to two pets of the same brood.

Having two puppies from the same litter, you are dealing with a pair that has already bonded with each other. It takes considerable effort for you to get them closer to be part of their group.

Raising two puppies from different litters makes it easier to bond with them as they get familiar with each other.

If you have not already selected your puppies, it is advisable to choose one pup from each sex. Choosing puppies of the opposite sex will increase the probability that they will get along even after reaching adulthood.

Dogs of the same sex, especially females, often do not get along regardless of bringing them up together.

Tip 1:  Different Litters

Another tip on how to raise two puppies successfully from different litters is to allow the new puppy to adjust before adding the second.

Even if you want the pups to grow together, giving the first puppy a few days to acclimate to the new environment will make the transition easier.

Having two sacred puppies separated from their littermates may create lots of stress for you. On the other hand, by separating the pups’ arrival by several days, you will have an easier time giving special attention to each of them during the transition period.

Tip 2:  Education

When it comes to education, it is best to begin obedience training immediately when they get home. Naturally, you cannot expect your puppies to get the attention span of an older dog.

However, you can start by giving them simple instructions. Begin with teaching them to sit down when told, come, or walk on a leash.

For more accessible training, work with each puppy separately with several 10-minute sessions every day.

Educating them individually helps to create a bond between you and your new pals. It is also important to note that different breeds have different progress. Some breeds mature faster and are more focused at a younger age than others.

Therefore do not make the mistake of having high expectations.

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Tip 3:  Sleeping And Feeding Areas

It is essential to give each of your puppies separate sleeping and feeding areas. While you might find it enchanting to see the puppies piled together, sleeping may foster bad habits.

By letting your puppies share the same sleeping crate and food dishes, they may start fighting or develop a very close bond.

This could lead to hysteria when separated and additional stress on you. Feeding them with one food dish can make them establish a behavior of resource guarding.

This is when they don’t want anyone around, including you, when they are feeding. If they have a difference in temperament or size, you might be forced to feed the puppies in separate rooms to avoid the more assertive one from moving in on the other one.

Tip 4:  Socializing

Another tip for raising two puppies from a separate litter successfully is socializing them so that they are used to other people and dogs. You should occasionally go out with them for walks and local dog parks to get them used to weird smells, sights, and sounds.

Raising two puppies together comes with one disadvantage. They may become overly dependent on each other. You can avoid this situation by getting each puppy out into different environments without the other on a regular schedule.

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How To Raise Two Puppies Successfully From Same Litter

As opposed to raising two puppies from the different litters, how to raise two puppies successfully from the same litter can be an even bigger challenge. One of the things you should be aware of is that two puppies demand double the attention. If one puppy requires work, then you need to be ready to work yourself out in handling two puppies. You will need to double your training efforts in instilling basic manners.

Littermate Syndrome

One of the enormous challenges in how to raise two puppies successfully from the same litter is what is commonly known as Littermate Syndrome. Puppies from the same litter are most likely to bond to each other, which makes them difficult to bond to you.

The puppies will be harder to train as they might not listen to you. They start to rely on each other for support and comfort rather than depending on you. This could lead to a variety of behavioral problems.

The dogs are also likely to be anxious when separated from each other or become abnormally fearful of other people, dogs, or new things that they do not know.

The worst behavioral characteristic they might develop as they mature is getting aggressive with each other especially females.

Making It Work

One factor on how to raise two puppies successfully from the same litter is playing by the rules. Play between puppies, especially those with an already existing bond by being from the same litter can result in arousal and become addictive.

The disadvantage of this is that it may become the main focus of the puppies to the segregation of you. You should aim to establish a real bond with your pups but not just act as a substitute for their sister or brother.

Of course, puppies will bond better with their species as compared to humans. For us to go against the natural laws of social animals and make a closer relationship with each pup, can limit the amount of playtime they engage in with each other.

If the game threatens to get out of hand, you can use the word ‘finish’ and separate the pups and offer them some quiet time apart with a toy or a chew item to calm things down. This will allow you to interrupt their play whenever needed without trouble.

If you are raising two puppies from the same litter, you should ensure that each dog spends sufficient time alone outside. Your goal is to make the puppies individuals and thus, bond with you.

Spend time and play with each of the dogs separately while also confining them in different cages. Keep in mind the cages should not be placed close to each other.

Take them to puppy training so they become accustomed to surviving without the other. In general, everything that you require to do when raising a single puppy, you should do it double and be distinct.

If you want to nurture two puppies from the same litter at once, it is recommendable that you keep a professional dog behaviorist and your breeder close, as the raising will need extra work and advice from experienced professionals.

Should Puppies Sleep Alone?

It is natural to face the dilemma of whether your puppies should sleep alone or together. The best advice is to let them sleep by themselves in separate crates as earlier as possible.

Your puppies should be trained to sleep in different dog crates within two weeks of coming home. Putting two puppies together results in all kinds of problems.

Constant fighting, excessive stress, and over-dependence on each other may result.  If they get frustrated with each other, both of them will be confined and neither can get away from the other.

Letting them sleep by themselves encourages them that it is okay to be alone. You can do this by taking two crates and put them side by side during the night.  Additionally,  do this for a couple of hours during the day.

To avoid combining the stress of a new environment and separating them immediately, you should begin by arranging the crates next to each other.

Move the crates apart gradually so that the puppies will get used to sleeping away from each other with time.

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Best Way To Bond With Two Puppies Successfully

When raising two puppies, one of the biggest challenges is that they will grow to become very close. They will be closer to each other than either of them will be with human members of the home. So, how do you best bond with your puppies and get closer to each other?

You need to go for plenty of outings with each pup without the other one. This is an integral part of the pup in developing an individual identity and ability to thrive without the other.

This also acts as the desperately required opportunity for you to bond with each pup.

All dogs require a walk with the owner to familiarize themselves with places, things, and people. In this space, they get to bond with humans, other dogs, as well as the environment.

However, with two dogs, you will need to take them for double outings, ideally one per day for each pup. This way, you will create a close and unique bond with each puppy independent from the other.

You should continue this process until they are at least one year or even longer for some pups.

How To Train Them

When you have one puppy, lots of training can happen around the house during the day. However, having two puppies makes things more complicated. The best strategy to train your two puppies is to teach them as an individual.

A foundation of training each pup as an individual gives you the best chance to command the dogs when they are together. You should be able to control each puppy with just your voice.

Tip 1:  Separate Space

Each puppy needs to go to training class weekly without the other pup and practice the class homework on a daily basis. It is important you offer each their space.  This will give them an opportunity to develop their own independence and identity.

Walk your puppies every time you get a chance. They will enjoy the experience of meeting and smelling other dogs on the way.

As both become well-trained, it’s also essential that you practice working them together and soon they will learn to obey you in cohesion.

Tip 2:  Call By Name

Another essential tip in raising puppies successfully is to continually call them by their names when giving meals, praising, and teaching commands.

They will undoubtedly learn their names faster than other things, and it will make it easier for you to train and control them.

You should be an excellent leader to the puppies by giving equal attention and time without letting one become extremely dominant over the other.

Final Words

Raising two puppies simultaneously demands more work than one puppy. However, if you do it correctly in the first few months, you can successfully double your puppy pleasure and achieve your dream of two fabulous dogs.

If you actively want to raise two puppies, it is best that you start with one pup and see how it turns out. If you stand up to the task after spending time with the first puppy it may take the second puppy several weeks later.

We hope that our complete guide on how to raise two puppies successfully will help you in making some important decisions in the future.

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