Ok, you are now a proud owner of a new pup or mother who just had a new litter. The only problem is you notice the pup or litter is not getting mother’s milk. You have heard of options for puppies milk. But now you are forced to ask yourself can puppies drink evaporated milk?

In this quick guide, I will address this issue in addition to answer the question of two possible alternatives.

My goal is to offer a well-rounded solution in order that you can solve your problem quickly and safely.

Let’s begin…

Why Can’t The Mother Dog Can Offer Milk To Her Pups?

First, she just isn’t producing any milk. This can be due to not enough time has passed since the pups were born to needing milk.

Generally, a dam’s milk is produced and available 24 hours after giving birth. It’s common sense that new puppies need food and will naturally want to suck on the teat.

However, if nothing is being produced, this can cause the puppies to feel stress and cry out.  As an owner, you will naturally be seeking out a solution.

Second, a mother dog can be vulnerable to mastitis.  This is where the breasts are so enlarged they can not discharge the milk.

Also, mastitis can cause extreme pain in the breasts deterring the dam not to nurse. Physical signs of this include a cracked nipple or soreness around the nipple area.

Bacteria can enter the breast and create a series of problems.  Obviously mother dog is not going to want to breastfeed and you will again have to seek out an alternative.

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Third, if the mother dog is getting too much attention or maybe overtired this may cause a low volume of milk for her pups.

As a human, feeling stressed can cause you to mentally shut down and not be as effective.

Similarly, when a nursing dog feels overwhelmed her body may produce less puppy milk and other options will have to be weighed.

And Finally, if the dam rejects her puppies this will obviously cause concern for you the owner.  Rejection of her pups may be a result of not feeling well or up to the task.

Additionally, she may view the pups as unhealthy and not worth the effort of nursing altogether.

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What Is Evaporated Milk?

Evaporated milk (unsweetened condensed milk) is a shelf-stable cow’s milk in which 60 percent of the water has been removed.

This makes an attractive option to regular in-store milk since the shelf life of evaporated milk is several years vs days with regular milk.

All you need to do is to add regular water and you will have similar properties to regular milk.

Yes, this is a viable option to give puppies that do not have a nursing mother.

How To Make Evaporated Milk For Puppies

Check out this video to see exactly how to mix the right ingredients with evaporated milk for a household solution:

Watch this video on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can My Puppy Drink Goat’s Milk?

Milk from a goat is an acceptable substitute for puppies according to experts. It has a high vitamin and fatty acid make up that the puppies need and is easier to digest. It also assists with a lactose intolerance scenario in preventing gas, bloating, or diarrhea.

2. Can My Puppy Drink Almond Milk?

In a word, it’s not recommended but small in small amounts like a teaspoon full is ok. This is because Almond Milk is made from nuts and can be hard to digest and also contain a lot of fat. This can lead to health issues over time for example obesity.


If you ever find yourself in a position where you ask can puppies drink evaporated milk the answer is yes. Evaporated milk is your best option. Again this is because it replicates the dam’s natural milk due to the vitamin and nutrient content it provides. Keep in mind it is best to seek additional advice from your veterinarian.







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