Having your dog running around your backyard or dog park can be an enlightening experience.  If your a dog lover like me, studying the behavior of your best friend getting a chance to explore catches your eye.

I know because when I let my Bassett Hound out of the yard, he sets out by putting his nose to the ground and picks up scents and objects all over like pine cones.

If you find yourself in a similar situation then as an owner, it’s natural to ask can dogs eat pine cones?

Let us begin…

Can Dog Eat Pine Cones

Why Do Dogs Eat Pine Cones?

There are many reasons your dog (puppy) will want to eat a pine cone.

One obvious reason is simply that they love to find new things to taste.  If you think about it, dogs have an extraordinary ability to smell and naturally want to taste. Pine cones are brown, look very different from a normal dog toy (i.e. kong toy, or pull rope).

They are brown, cone-shaped, and very enticing to pick up.

Second, when a dog grabs one they are textured funny. I mean they are not smooth but after a dog takes a bite they have a crunchy sensation.

They will want to chew and chew to get a taste of the pine cone and probably enjoy the experience.

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Are Pine Cones Toxic (Poisonous) To Dogs?

Pine cones are not considered toxic but you need to keep an extra eye on your dog. If they eat a pine cone, serious digestive problems may occur due to obstructions. This will most likely require a trip to the vet and surgical removal.

Is Pine Cone Sap Toxic To Dogs?

In some areas of the US, people decorate pine trees, mostly the Norfolk pine. They do so during the Christmas Holiday.

While most households uphold and celebrate this tradition, they do not know that pine sap is not safe for their furry friends.

Exposure of pine sap to your dog can cause digestive problems. Because pine sap is used as a base for turpentine, if your dog licks the sap it can lead to a toxic reaction.

Additionally, when it rains, the water washes off the sap so it will naturally collect at the foot of the tree. If your dog is thirsty and wants a drink, this water will be contaminated with toxins pine cone sap.

What Do I Do If My Dog Ate A Pine Cone?

Is your dog exhibiting the following symptoms: lethargy, drooling, and loss of appetite? If yes, chances are your dog may have ingested a pine cone.

The first step is to call your vet immediately. Pine cones can perforate the intestines. To save your fur baby (fingers crossed), you need to ensure he or she receives fast treatment.

In some cases, your dog may ingest bits or small pine cones. While you may not witness the signs such as vomiting and diarrhea, it’s crucial to consult your vet.

If your dog is eating fine, the vet will recommend increasing the fiber in your dog’s diet. This will allow your dog to pass the bits of the pinecone.

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How To Stop My Dog From Eating Pine Cones?

First, you need to buy toys for your dog instead of using pine cones or sticks to play fetching games. This will prevent your fur baby from eating non-food items.

Second, train your dog. Use positive reinforcement to train your dogs to obey commands such as “drop it.” Once your dog masters the commands, it will be easy to control him or her.

Lastly and in extreme cases, you can put a basket muzzle on him or her before taking a walk in the woods.

You need to know that your dog will find this unpleasant and may try to take it off. While they may find this uncomfortable, they will adjust to this option over time.


In this guide can dogs eat pine cones I noted pine cones are something your dog never needs to chew or eat.

They naturally want to explore but you as an owner need to use some common sense. When taking your dog out for a walk around a pine cone area, keep a close eye on your best friend.

If they decide to start nosing around a pine cone, pull them away and avoid a trip to the vet.


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