Why do dogs bark at nothing? We all have heard either our dog or a neighbors dog barking what appears to be all the time day or night. Usually, we as pet owners understand there must be a good reason right?  I mean we should at least believe our best friends’ intentions are reasonable.

Then again, we may ask ourselves why is my dog barking, and what is the common-sense reason?

In this article, I would like to provide some basic insights on why do dogs bark at nothing.

Ready to dive in?

why do dogs bark at nothing

What Can Dogs Hear That Humans Can Not?

First of all, we need to understand the dogs have exceptional hearing capability in comparison to the average human.

In fact, it’s over a thousand times better more clearly the menu bar we hear our best friend barking what appears for no reason they probably can hear something in the way distance.

Maybe a truck roll by the sound of a siren for a car approaching that we just don’t or haven’t picked up on yet

Sometimes I know my Basset Hound just starts to bark and I’m not sure why. Until I just focus my mind on sounds in the distance and sure enough I hear a dog bark. 

I would suggest and submit because our attention span is set on so many other stimuli like kids crying or music playing,

Sometimes we just don’t take time to really understand why our dog is barking because usually there is a reason and a good one at least to them.

According to The Guardian, dogs “can spot every detail from details like the spots on bananas to the hairs in a carpet which glows in the dark for canines, as do urine marks.”

Moreover, dogs can see things in the dark or low-light situations that humans may not see.

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Why Is My Dog Barking At The Wall?

Your dog may bark at the wall when they hear animals or pests scampering about.

Your dog can also bark when they sense something from the outside, and they perceive it as a threat. For example, if a stranger is outside your house, your dog may start barking at the wall, especially if they can’t get outside.

If your dog is always barking at the wall even when there is nothing, maybe they have cognitive dysfunction. Cognitive dysfunction is a common condition in older dogs.

Some dogs may also bark at the wall and appear compulsive when they are feeling anxious.

If you learn that your dog is often barking at the wall, you should set up an appointment with the Vet. Your Vet will rule out any medical issues in your dog.

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Why Does My Dog Bark Only at Night?

1) Loneliness

Dogs are like children and don’t like being left alone. When they are left outside at night, they become lonely. They bark to gain human attention and express their loneliness.

2) Boredom

Dogs may be bored because they have nothing to do at night. A bored dog can bark at night sounds or join neighboring dogs in barking sessions. They bark to create fun moments for themselves and break the boredom.

3) Noise Sensitivity

Unlike humans, dogs are susceptible to noise and distractions. Even if the environment seems quiet, a dog may still sense some little noise outside and bark in response.

4) Warning

Many dog breeds were initially meant to alert humans whenever there is an intruder in the property.

This is why dogs bark if people or vehicles move past your house. They can also bark due to some animals like possum and raccoon, in your property.

5) Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection gives a dog the urge to urinate often. If you sleep with your dog indoors, it may bark to alert you that it wants to urinate outside.

Three Types Of Dogs Known To Bark All The Time

1) Beagle

The beagles are among the most vocal dog breeds. It can be a well-behaved dog, but it is a field type dog and is very noisy.

Initially, hunters used these dogs to bark, howl, or bray to signal the hunter of incumbent animals like foxes. They also let the hunter know about an animal to be hunted down.

Even if you are not a hunter and own this dog, it means it will bark a lot if anything moves past your homestead. Getting this type of dog to keep quiet is not an easy task.

2) Fox Terriers

Just like the beagles, the Fox Terriers are hunters but with more tenacity and stubbornness.

This type of dog will always be on patrol with their excellent hearing and vision. Fox terriers will bark at people coming to your compound, other animals, and sometimes nothing at all.

3) Yorkshire Terriers

Whether a puppy or a grown dog, a Yorkshire can be adorable but very yappy and stubborn. These types of dogs must be trained to be calm from a very tender age. Otherwise, they will develop excessive barking behavior.

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How To Get My Dog To Stop Barking At Everything

1) Create A Dog-Friendly Home

Boredom and frustration are significant causes of excessive barking. Create a dog-friendly environment in your home by eliminating the negative external stimulus.

For example, you can use shades that block your dog’s view outside to ensure they don’t bark at road strangers.

2) Challenge Your Dog

Pent-up energy in your dog can lead to excessive barking. Seek productive ways to help your dog release that energy.

You can take them out for a walk or play games to challenge them mentally and physically.

3) Train Your Dog Not To Bark

You can train your dog not to bark by desensitizing them to the stimulus.

Ignoring the barking and making your dog realize that there are no rewards will reduce barking.

If excessive barking persists in your dog, you should seek professional help from a vet or competent dog trainers.

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Remember if your best friend barks all the time, he may be alerting you to something you are just not aware of. Asking yourself why dogs bark all the time is common but there is usually a good reason.

You can control this behavior to some degree but ultimately it’s just what dogs do.




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