A sweet plant, Jicama has been described as a cross between an apple and a water chestnut flavor that is gaining popularity in the United States.

As an avid dog owner, it brings us pleasure to feed and treat our dogs with love. During the preparation of a meal, we may be tempted to give our best friend a small sample and share with them something that we enjoy.

In this article, I will cover and answer that question so let’s begin.

Can Dogs Have Jicama

What Is Jicama?

Jicama is a subterranean vegetable plant that grows and originated in Mexico and Central America. Other common names are the Mexican potato, Mexican yam, or the Mexican turnip.

When you take a bite into it, you will notice it has a sweetened flavor and of course it’s starchy because of the potato family in origin.

But you must also know the only part that’s edible is the actual potato versus the roots that extend paste the potato. It also has green leaves that grow above ground that are not for eating.

As a vegetable lover, the jicama provides digestive and dietary benefits. Additionally, it is low in fat and calories and high in fiber. 

You can find jicama in all parts of the United States and a lot of Americans include it as part of their dietary nutrition regiment.

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Can Dogs Have Jicama?

In short, yes but they can only have the bulb of the plant. The jicama again looks like a turnip with roots extending from the lower end of it and leaves growing on top of it above ground.

The only part you want to give your best friend is the fat bulb.

Again I repeat this because the root, the stem, the leaves, and any seed can be toxic and dangerous to your pet.

What are 3 main Benefits Of Jicama For my Dog?

1) Nutrition

Jicama offers multiple nutritional benefits to your best friend. First of all, it is chalked full of valuable nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin C, and finally lots of fiber.

These valuable nutritional assets will help your dog maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

2) Control Weight Gain

Like humans, maintaining a healthy weight for your dog is extremely important to assist with longevity. In addition to playing in the yard or visiting a dog park, offering your pet Jicama can help prevent heart disease other internal issues that can develop with age.

If your veterinarian has suggested that your dog is overweight, ask them about jicama as a supplemental treat to help with that issue and follow their advice.

3) Enhances Good Digestion

You can help your best friend with digestion when offering Jicama. It’s extremely important for your dog to pass solids from their digestive tract.  Poor digestion can lead to stomach problems and unnecessary trips to the vet.

How To Prepare Jicama For A Dog (3 Easy Options)

1) Simply Raw

The quickest and easiest method to prepare jicama for your dog is simply raw. First, wash the Jicama plant thoroughly under cold water.

Next, trim off the roots and stem, and leaves if present. Peel away the outer skin of the “bulb” portion. Discard everything but the bulb.

Cut up the bulb into bite-size cubes and offer to your dog. Just make sure there are no seeds present.

2) Jicama Strips

A second method to prepare jicama is to make Jicama strips. First, wash under cold water and then trim off the roots, stems, and leaves that are present.

Take the bulb and slice it into long french fry strips play to sit in on a skillet with a little oil Maybe a small amount of seasoning (make sure it is dog friendly). Fried it up for a few minutes until lightly brown and then give it to your best friend.

As you give small amounts, make sure your dog isn’t reacting to signs of trouble like vomiting and or diarrhea.

3) Bake In Oven

You can roast them by putting them raw into a cookie sheet or shallow pan. Preheat the oven to 400° and let them cook for an hour. Finally, remove the Jicama from the oven and let them cool off. Ready to serve you may now give a little to your best friend.

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Can dogs have Jicama? Only with proper preparation, jicama is a very nutritious and beneficial dog treat for your friend but as always be cautious especially when introducing it to them.

Because your pet is unique, I always recommend you contact your veterinarian professional and ask them for their advice before introducing jicama to your dog. And for your pet’s safety, do what they tell you.


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