Pepperoni is one of the most popular toppings that people will choose to put on their pizzas or even to eat as a snack. For how much you love this topping, you may wonder if it is safe to share with your dog or not.

Many experts agree that giving your dog a little bit of pepperoni is not a big deal, but if you give it to them too often, or in large amounts, the fat and salt content inside could pose some health risks.

Let’s take a closer look at how your dog may react to this tasty treat and learn how to share it with them safely and effectively.

Is Pepperoni Bad For Dogs

What Is The Composition Of Pepperoni?

Most types of traditional pepperoni are made out of a mixture of ground pork and beef, along with different flavorings and spices to make it unique.

Salt and sodium nitrate will then be added as the curing agents, which basically helps keep the unwanted microorganisms away. This meat will then be injected with a bacteria of lactic acid, similar to what is used during the making of cheese or yogurt.

This will help lower the pH balance of the meat so it can be preserved for a longer period of time.

While ground beef or pork on their own may not be that big of an issue health-wise, it is often the added ingredients that will cause some issues.

The fat and the salt content are really high for the amount of meat and other ingredients in the pepperoni, which can be harmful to anybody, whether human or dog.

Your dog can enjoy it occasionally, but it can be harmful to their health if you overdo it.

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Is Pepperoni Bad For Dogs?

Pepperoni is not lethal to your dog unless they eat it each day or in really large doses. This food comes with an unhealthy amount of fat and sodium, along with some seasonings that are harmful for your dog.

If your dog does consume pepperoni on a regular basis, you may end up with several harmful health problems in them, including kidney damage, salt poisoning, and issues with their digestion.

The high amount of sodium can make your dog dehydrated and causes a host of issues. Having pepperoni on occasion is fine for most dogs, but when they ingest all that extra sodium over and over, it can be deadly.

What About Turkey Pepperoni For Dogs?

Your dog may be able to eat some turkey pepperoni, but only in very small amounts. Even though this type of pepperoni is made out of turkey instead of other meats, it is still high in spices, fats, and salts that can be difficult for your dog to digest.

If the turkey pepperoni is still high in fat and salt, then only a little is allowed. If you notice this type of pepperoni has onion powder or garlic inside, avoid it completely.

Pepperoni Sausage For Your Dog As A Treat?

Yes, pepperoni sausage is bad for your dog. While it does contain different ingredients than regular pepperoni, it is still not a healthy meal for your dog at all. It is recommended to avoid both of them to avoid long-term health issues and a shorten life for your best friend.

Is Pepperoni Pizza Bad For Dogs?

Pepperoni is not really recommended for dogs because there is a good deal of sodium and fat in it, it is not recommended for your dog to have pepperoni pizza at all.

Even some of the seasonings that are inside pepperoni can be unsafe for your dog.

Giving a little bit on occasion, but you should be careful about giving them too much pepperoni, whether it is on a piece of pizza or not. However, just like with pepperoni, you can give your dog a little bit of pepperoni pizza.

Just remember that all of the nutrients in pizza are empty calories and could be toxic to your dog, which means that you need to limit how much pizza they eat all the time.

5 Key Signs My Dog Ate Too Much Pepperoni

It is important to know the signs of whether your dog ate too much pepperoni. While a few pieces very rarely is not a big deal and won’t harm your dog too much, but eating too much may make your dog too sick.

Remember that too much pepperoni is going to be bad for your dog. Whether they consume pepperoni too often or they eat a huge amount all at once, there are a few signs to look for including:

1) Abdominal pain
2) Diarrhea
3) Vomiting
4) Frequent urination
5) Increased thirst

If you start to see any of these symptoms, then it is time to call your vet right away.

My Dog Ate Too Much Pepperoni…Now What?

You need to be careful about how much pepperoni your dog can eat. A one-time feast might be fine for some dogs, especially if they are a larger breed.

But if they consume too much pepperoni, then this can cause some issues in your dog. This puts them at a risk for many digestive issues, pancreas issues, kidney damage, and even salt poisoning.

Any time your dog has pepperoni, make sure to provide them with lots of water right away. Pepperoni is salty and can cause dehydration, even in small amounts.

Even if they seem to drink quite a bit, continue to give them extra water to fight off the dehydration in your dog.

However, if you are uncertain about how much pepperoni your dog got into, or your worried they ate too much you may need to visit your vet.

They can perform tests on your dog out to see whether any of the conditions we discussed above are evident.

If necessary, may administer an IV to make sure your dog is getting enough liquids as they start to heal from eating too much pepperoni.

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Take Away

Although pepperoni is delicious on pizza or a tv snack, it is recommended to minimize the amount and frequency given to your dog.  There is a lot of sodium in pepperoni and can cause serious health issues. 

If you decide to offer this topping to your friend, it is always recommended to check with your veterinarian first for additional advice.

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