Fruits are natural diets and are considered to be healthy for almost all pets especially when being fed as a part of their treat, snack, and meal.

Although dried apricots are considered to be healthy, not all dogs like this fruit, in this case never put stress on your dog to eat this.

Some dog owners consider that fruits should not be shared with dogs but others consider them to be the opposite, a healthy alternative.

Dogs cannot tolerate all types of fruits either dried or fresh fruits, as, these are not safe and can cause lethal effects if given to your dog.

Dried apricots are considered to be nutritious as they are lipid-free and are rich in dietary fibers and vitamins especially Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Dried apricots are a vast debatable topic, whether it is harmful to dogs or not?

So, let’s find out if dried apricots are safe for your dog?

Can Dogs Eat Dried Apricots

Can My Dog Eat Dried Apricots Safely?

Dogs can eat dried apricots happily, but it depends on the number of apricots given. There are theories that apricots are safe but some parts such as the leaves, pit, and skin are toxic and should not be given to dogs.

If you decide to give your dog apricots then make sure to never include seeds, skin, or leaves of the apricot, as these parts contain cyanide which is proved to be very toxic.

You can, however, offer the apricot flesh to your dog as this is considered safe.

It is believed that the drying or dehydrating process of apricots may remove toxic substances but be cautious about giving these parts to your dog as it can be still harmful.

My best recommendation is to consult your veterinarian because they will be able to identify the health status of your dog and decide if dried apricots are safe for your best friend.

Usually, the number of apricots fed to your dog depends on the size and his health status whether he has fully functional vital organs or not.

Are Dried Apricots Bad For My Dog?

Although the flesh of dried apricots is good for dogs, the seeds are toxic for dogs. Dried apricots seeds are one of the human foods that are considered to be highly toxic for dogs.

As, cyanide is a component of seeds, although in much less amount, but this amount is sufficient to cause cyanide poisoning in dogs.

Cyanide is a potent inhibitor of enzymes. It binds with metabolic enzymes and causes its blockade, thus hampering the transport of oxygen in the cells although sufficient oxygen is present cells cannot utilize it due to the blockade of enzymes.

All this results in making your dog lethally ill and can lead him to coma and sometimes even death if not treated promptly.

Also, the flesh of dried apricots may result in gastrointestinal issues. Therefore, the amount consumed is all that matters to decide whether it is good for dogs or not.

Are Dried Apricots Good For Dogs?

If you are eating dried apricots and your little canine is looking innocently at you for having this meal, then you can share this treat with him because apricots are good for dogs.

Apricot only flesh of the dried fruit is good for dogs and is considered to be very nutritious. The flesh of dried apricot is rich in minerals and vitamins.

It can be added to a daily meal plan for your dog as a part of the meal.

Dried Apricots And Their Health Benefits

Vitamin A, an essential component for the maintenance of eye health, also a good source of immunity booster.

Vitamin C, a key factor for the maintenance of skin and is a good antioxidant.

Potassium present in apricots is good for maintenance of physiology of organ, and best for improvement of muscular health and nerves, and are best for prevention of muscle pain and cramps.

Beta carotene present in apricots is best for minimizing the risk of cataracts.

Apricots are the best appetizer.

Minerals such as iron, calcium, etc are present in apricot that are beneficial for the body’s healthy function of the body.

As it is a fat-free diet, so dogs with diseases such as hypertension, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, etc., can also consume dried apricot.

My Dog Ate Too Many Dried Apricots.  Now What?

If your dog eats an excess of dried apricots along with seeds, then the symptoms of cyanide poisoning will start to appear, therefore you have to be cautious.

When you find your dog to be accidentally eating a pack of dried apricots, look for the symptoms below that may start to surface after a period of time.

1) Panting

2) Dropped Ears

3) Tail tucking

4) Weakness

5) Pupils dilated

6) Whale eye Sleepiness

7) Bright red gums

8) Extreme lethargy

9) Nose wrinkled

10) Loss of consciousness

11) Collapse

12) Shock

13) Lethargy

14) Sudden death

So, if you find any of the symptoms to start appearing, then rush your dog to the vet immediately for emergency treatment.

What Health Hazards Are There If Your Dog Eats Dried Apricots?

If a dog ingests a large number of dried apricots with seeds, then it is considered hazardous. Your dog may show food allergy against dried apricot.

Excess of dried apricot may lead to gastrointestinal irritation due to carbohydrate overload and will manifest as vomiting, nausea, stomach upset, and diarrhea. Diabetic dogs may get affected more.

Blockade of metabolic enzymes by cyanide may lead to anoxia, as tissues cannot utilize oxygen in the presence of blocked enzymes.

The symptoms will vary from an initially dilated pupil, lethargy, loss of consciousness, which may get worse even leading to coma and death.

How Many Apricots Should I Feed My Dog?

You can offer some flesh of dried apricot to your dog as it is fine. Try to divide it into small pieces, so that it may not choke their gut.

Also don’t try to overfeed, as it may result in nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, and diarrhea. As, carbohydrate requirement of a dog is much less, try to limit the amount of dried apricot presented before the dog.

As dogs are not sensible to understand what is good and what is bad for them, be careful about the removal of seeds. As stated previously, seeds may cause cyanide poisoning in dogs.

At first, give a small amount of dried apricot to your dog, to check whether your dog likes it or not if there is an allergic reaction.

Because dogs may have a food allergy, so better is to test. And if you suspect any unusual thing, then talk to your vet without any delay.

Cyanide Poisoning From Dried Apricots?

Cyanide is dangerous for dogs, therefore, ingesting even small amounts of cyanide is poisonous.

Whenever you find that your dog had consumed harmful parts of apricot (seed), then you should take it seriously and contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Not only seeds, but other parts of apricot may choke the gut if consumed in an amount more than your dog’s capacity.

If your dog has consumed a lot, then immediately take them to the vet, so that proper treatment may commence immediately, and any lethal effect may be prevented.

They’ll do gastric lavage to take out in-absorbed dried apricots so that cyanide is prevented from further absorption.

The antidote used for cyanide poisoning is amyl nitrate also cyanocobalamin is used these days.

Some blood tests can also be done to assess the condition of the petty soul. Also, urinalysis is performed as a confirmatory test.

Cyanide poisoning should be treated immediately because once it binds with metabolic enzymes, the adverse effects produced are difficult to treat.

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Dried apricots are a fruit with a handsome amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Dogs can eat dried apricots but only their flesh.

Seeds of apricot are harmful to dogs because they contain a small amount of cyanide. Although cyanide is present in much less amount that is not considered harmful for humans.

Vitamin C, vitamin A, beta carotene, minerals, carbohydrates, present in apricot boost the immune system of dogs, beneficial for maintaining muscle strength, prevent cataracts, maintenance of skin, and act as antioxidants.

If your dog has consumed an excess of dried apricots accidentally, then it results in cyanide poisoning. Cyanide binds with metabolic enzymes and prevents the access of oxygen to the cell, hence impeding utilization of oxygen by cells even normal oxygen levels are present in cells.

Cyanide poisoning may be proved to be lethal if not treated timely. There may be panting, dilated pupil, weakness, lethargy, unconsciousness that can lead to coma and eventually death.

Therefore, if you find your dog consuming dried apricot along with seeds, immediately take him to a veterinarian, so that proper treatment can be administered.

They will do gastric lavage at first, some laboratory tests may be recommended, and symptomatic treatment is done.

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