Who can avoid the yummy and creamy flavor of ice cream cones? Bet no one can! Ice-cream cone is such a mouth-watering dessert that no one can resist.

So it makes sense why dogs love ice-creams so much. After all, the furball also deserves a taste of sweetness. At some point, we all have shared our cones with our ball of happiness. But is it safe though?

Is it safe to let the dog lick your cone a few times? Ice-cream cone is an innocuous dessert. Can it be harmful to your pet dog? The answers to these questions are pretty complicated.

But let’s find out.

Can Dog’s Eat Ice-Cream Cones

Ice-cream And Dogs

According to the American Kennel Club, the ingestion of milk after a particular age is not healthy in dogs. In some cases, it is harmful to their digestive systems. Eating ice cream can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, or smelly and painful gas bubbles.

The puppy can get frustrated with uncontrollable bathroom breaks. This can also lead to malnourishment. Therefore it is better to provide the dog with dairy-free products.

Also, ice cream is full of sugar bites. This much sugar can make your dog obese. Excessive weight gain can cause many serious health issues including trouble breathing and much more.

Ice-cream And Dogs

What About Sugar-Free Ice Creams?

It is very tempting to share a cone with our furry canine. But it is better to resist this temptation due to
dog’s dairy intolerance and side effects of sugar intake.

Naturally, dog’s bodies are not designed to tolerate milk after a certain age. However, in rear cases, canines don’t find it difficult to digest milk.

So we often hear the question “My dog is ok with dairy products, can I feed him sugar-free cones?”

No, you still cannot.

The sweetener in sugar-free cones is xylitol. Xylitol is basically sugar alcohol naturally found in different foods.

It tastes just like sugar but contains fewer calories. Typically it is used in the making of gums and candies. For humans, it is a great alternative to sugar. But for dogs, it is very harmful.

You can see this “sugar-free” ingredient is toxic as it can damage the liver and hypoglycemia of your canine. Delicious for you, toxic for your four-legged buddy.

I Have Fed My Dog Ice-Cream Cones –   Should I Be Worried?

Oh-uh. Did your pup just snatch a bite out of your favorite cone? Don’t freak out!

Despite the above-mentioned side effects, we all know dogs can’t resist ice-cream. If your pup’s body is not showing any negative reactions against ice cream, a lick here and there won’t bother them a whole lot.

A single lick is ok and will not cause any serious harm. But feeding ice-cream cones or any other ice-cream to the dogs on regular basis is not a smart decision.

Try your best to avoid this situation and instead, go for other delicious treats. If possible, adopt dog-friendly treats.

If you find any signs of discomfort, immediately plan a veterinary visit to have the best guidance.

American Kennel Club Recommendation

According to the AKC recommendations, you can feed unsweetened plain yogurt to your dog who can
tolerate dairy. It is a healthy alternative to sugary ice creams.

Put your plain yogurt in the freezer for a while and then serve it to your dog. He won’t know the difference!

But keep in mind, your pup’s health is very delicate. Only feed this to the dogs who can safely digest dairy products.

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Alternatives To Ice-Cream Cones

Just because dogs should not eat dairy products and ice creams, doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy frozen

There are many treats available for dogs in the market. These treats are formulated by keeping in view your pup’s delicate system.

Such foods do not cause any allergies and discomfort to the feline. And there are no other side effects as well.

Many dog treats (For example, sweet waffles) are filled with vitamins and minerals. These products not
only give a delicious touch to your dog’s food but also helps to keep your canine healthy.

You can get an ice cream mix specially prepared for your dog. The ice cream mix for the dog is a healthy natural product and is easily available. But if it is not accessible, you can make it yourself.

The first option is simple and fast too. Many yummy ice cream mix flavors are available in the market. You can choose from a variety of available including vanilla, peanut butter, pumpkin, maple bacon, and chocolate flavor.

And finally, do not take the importance of a frozen banana lightly. It is a delicious dessert that you and your pup can equally enjoy.

Home Made Dog Treat

In case you are worried about your dog’s health and don’t feel like trusting what is offered on the market you can make some by yourself.

Lieu of ice-cream, you can make them in bulk and store for later. These are delicious, easy to make, and above all healthy. A dog waffle is an excellent example of a homemade dog treat. Check out the how-to video for a simple recipe.

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Can dogs eat ice cream cones? NO! You should not feed your dog with ice cream cones or any other type of ice cream. Ice cream is full of sugar and is unhealthy for your dog.

They even contain a preservative that is hard for the pup to digest. Some sugar-free particulars are toxic for dogs. Even some of your favorite “dairy-free” and “sugar-free” brands can contain harmful ingredients. So it is better to abstain from store-bought ice cream products.

You can easily make a delicious substitute for ice-cream cones at home. Only a few ingredients are
required and wow! You got a healthy dog treat.

These treats are easy to make and you can store them for an entire week. And most importantly, your dog won’t feel any uneasiness or health problems.

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