Hello! Welcome to PuppyNewbie! My name is Robert and my wife is Dana. Together we have 2 young girls and have settled in the southern United States.

We own a Bassett Hound named Copper who is now 7 years of age and have enjoyed raising him from a pup. Over the past several years, we have learned a lot about Bassett Hounds and had to overcome some common issues with raising a puppy.

Therefore, we created this website because we understand the challenges and sometimes increased stress it can create in a household when owning a puppy.

Regular and helpful information will be posted so please stop back soon.

Thanks for visiting our website.

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Because we do not consider ourselves experts in puppy or dog rearing, we cannot and do not guarantee anyone’s safety nor take responsibility for any action taken. All actions taken are at your own risk.

So understand there might be information on the site that we have misunderstood or in other ways shouldn’t be followed literally.

What we offer is shared information based on our research and some common sense advice. Kinda like sitting down with a good neighbor over a cup of coffee.

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